Group Profile:


Royale Energy (Pty) Ltd, a proud member of the PGC Management Group, was founded in 2003. The company is 100% black-owned with a level 3 B-BBEE accreditation, under the new B-BBEE Legislation. It is also a DOE licensed petroleum wholesaler that has supply agreements with Sasol, Chevron and BP.

The group has firmly established itself as a pre-eminent and reliable distribution specialist company that strives to exceed its customer promises at all times.

Royale Energy Group comprises the following divisions:

  • Royale Commerical – the group’s sales and marketing company
  • Freightcor Logistic Solutions – the group’s logistic solutions provider
  • Viva Oil – the group’s privately owned retail brand
  • Caltex Mpumalanga South Cluster – the group’s acquired retail network
  • Royale Gas – the group’s gas wholesale distributor.
  • Royale Terminals – the group’s storage facilities
Vision, Crusade and Values
The vision of the company is to be a unique energy company that adds optimal value to its stakeholders through sustainable growth driven by performance excellence.

The company lives by integrity, innovation, agility, diversity and a spirit of Ubuntu and instils these values in all areas of the business.

The success of the company revolves around people who with dedication, knowledge, willingness, friendliness and empathy serve and support others so that we are able to ensure maximum profit for the company, its’ shareholders and people.

As a company, Royale Energy is driven by:

  • Commitment to excellent service
  • Acknowledging and recognition of superior performance
  • Keeping every promise
  • Dedication to achieving team goals
  • Doing things right, first time, every time.
Black Economic Empowerment remains an important section of South Africa’s economic transformation. The objective of B-BBEE is to promote growth and economic empowerment to all.

The Royale Group is proud of the transformation South Africa has undergone over the past few years. As part of it’s dedication to this transformation, the Group continues to not only support B-BBEE but make it an integral part of everyday business. Royale is committed to the broad-based B-BBEE transformation and believe in the power of diversity within the workforce and promote equal opportunities for all.

Group B-BBEE Accomplishments:

  • Royale is a 100% black owned company
  • The Group is currently at a level 3 B-BBEE under the new legislation parameters but is proud to have scored at a B-BBEE level 2 previously.
Corporate Governance
Through selected programs, expression is given to the Group’s responsibility as good corporate citizens not only to deliver value to shareholders and customers, but also to adhere to a code of ethical conduct; to provide a fair and unprejudiced workplace for employees; to deliver solutions that are environmentally responsible and to ensure that it operates as sustainably as possible.

Royale is committed to making a difference.

Fuel Wholesale

Royale Group of Companies is a proudly South African registered fuel wholesaler.

Forward Thinking

Royale are proud members of SAPIA and represent the non-integrated wholesale industry players on the SAPIA board to ultimately play an active role in the growth of the industry.

Problem Solvers

Royale provides turnkey fuel solutions to it’s customers to ultimately help them reach their business goals.

Customer Support

Royale Energy believes its customers are king and work tirelessly across all divisions to achieve excellence.

Expressing Excellence

The Royale Energy Group constantly strives to achieve excellence in every facet of it’s business and constantly monitors performance against set standards to ensure it’s impeccable track record is maintained.

The Group’s approach entails engaging with it’s people, partners, shareholders and other stakeholders to find ways to best support the communities in which it operates whilst building a sustainable business that makes a meaningful contribution to the economy at all times.


Royale Energy Partners

The Royale partnership strategy focuses exclusively on driving business through our network of partners. These partnerships include world-renowned oil companies like SASOL, BP, Oryx Gas and Astron Energy. These sound, strategic supply partnerships enable the Group to offer customers comprehensive products and solutions that help them do great work in an effective, driven environment.

All companies within the Royale Energy Group believe in, and adhere to customer-focused strategies implemented in their day to day operations. Each division knows and respects the value of their customers and constantly strive for excellence in everything they do to ensure the customer always comes first.

Royale supply partners include: